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Case Studies

We have numerous satisfied customers, and here are a few case studies.


Fast moving business needs fast racking

Super Group based in Gloucester are the suppliers of the world-famous Superdry brand have grown their business incredibly fast but unfortunately, some of their suppliers are unable to provide fast racking. This was the case when the company recently had to increase its storage capacity. The existing warehouse was a mixture of Polypal Racking and Link 51 racking and the company did not want to introduce a third brand especially as they had spare racking beams but no frames.

Initially, quotes were received for new racking and the plan was to buy new unfortunately however the lead time on the new racking was quite lengthy. The company looked reluctantly at the used racking market but were worried about the quality until they were recommended to contact secondhandracking.com After undertaking an extensive free site survey at short notice the solution recommended was to supply used Link 51 racking mixed a small quantity of new which could be delivered on time (a quick racking solution). However, the savings were not so great as this meant there was still surplus used Polypal racking beams. This was ultimately solved by an exchange of some of the beams for new garment hanging racking.

More storage capacity at a lower cost

Star Tissue

Star Tissue is one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers of hygiene paper products. Star Tissue manufactures a wide range of household and away-from-home paper products from its custom-built production facility in Lancashire. See what their racking requirements were and how we achieved them.

As a family-owned business, they are proud of their strong reputation in the industry for providing exceptional customer service and value for money, whilst adhering to the highest ethical and environmental standards. In order to provide this balance between quality and value for money, it is imperative that they use the most efficient equipment and buy it at the best possible price. When the need arose for extra racking capacity they searched the Internet and looked for racking suppliers. One of the sites they visited was secondhandracking.com.

We analyzed the customers racking requirements and felt that they did not require as much racking as they first thought and also that the best area could accommodate more pallets than they first thought. This meant that they got more storage capacity at a lower cost. The solution recommended was a refurbished drive-in racking system mixing used components with new ones to ensure the racking met the original manufacturer’s design criteria.

Uncompromised quality

Storefast Solutions

Storefast has been providing warehousing, logistics and value-added services to the UK food industry for over 25 years. Based in Kent situated in South East of England, ideally placed to service both London, Europe and the rest of the UK have specialized production facilities and over 100,000 square feet of warehouse storage space. When they recently needed to expand the warehousing facilities they wanted to ensure they got value for money. They initially placed an order with some local unreliable used racking suppliers which were for used drive-in racking. However, at the eleventh hour this supplier failed to deliver so Storefast were left in the lurch. That’s why you shouldn’t trust unreliable used racking suppliers.

They, therefore, searched the Internet and came across secondhandracking.com. Fortunately, we had suitable racking in stock although the installation was drive-in racking so we ran the requirements through the online racking design tool. This showed us that some new components were required for this installation. It is dangerous to purchase used drive-in racking without having the loads being imposed on it checked off against the design capabilities of the used racking. This meant a short delay but it was better to ensure that the installation would be saved. Most of the used racking suppliers won’t do that, but we always provide quality racking so it had to be done.

We had ordered some used drive in racking from a local company only to be let down at the last minute. I then did a search on the Internet and found secondhandracking.com. They were extremely professional and quoted me a competitive price and completed within the agreed timescale. The racking has been fully refurbished with many new parts so it is as good as new. I would recommend anyone to give secondhandracking.com a call.
– Nick Kirby

Used drive-in racking as good as new


Leeds Vacuum Formers pride themselves in offering their customers great quality products and very competitive prices. The company takes its environmental responsibilities seriously sourcing local materials wherever possible and they extend this to source used drive-in racking and refurbished equipment when this does not impact the quality and efficiency of their service. So when it has come to buying pallet racking the obvious choice was to buy used drive-in racking.

The supplier they had previously used could not however source any used racking of the right quality so they searched the Internet and contacted secondhandracking.com. They were impressed by the quality of the service received and the quality of the racking was indistinguishable from new racking. Furthermore, it was noted on our site survey that the existing racking had actually been erected incorrectly by the previous supplier and we put that right.

Mixing new and used racking

EPE international is a fast-growing supplier of electrical goods throughout the UK. Having consistently grown turnover year after year the company needed to expand its warehousing operation to maintain its growth. The companies ethos is to supply top quality products and services yet offer great value for money. They also expect the same from their suppliers. When looking at the new warehouse they contacted a variety and thought about mixing new and used racking companies who supplied both new and used racking. They had various quotes with a wide range of prices.

It soon became apparent that the whole used racking market became a minefield. Some of those quotes did not appear very professional. One of the companies contacted was secondhandracking.com. Although as the name says they supply used racking they took the approach of looking at what the correct solution was then seeing what racking they had to meet these needs. It would have been a false economy to compromise on the most efficient solution and it became apparent that the most economic beams were not available second hand.

Mixing new and used racking was offered to completely refurbish some frames provide totally new bracing and new beams. The result is a racking installation that looks new but as a secondary benefit, the uprights are much stronger than if they were new which means that should the company move again and be able to build the racking higher they can take it with them.

Because the history of the used racking is known and has been totally refurbished it comes with the same guarantees that new racking would have.

We're serious about your storage


Kamino a logistics company based in Altrincham merged with a similar company in Stockport and were looking to consolidate their warehousing operations. They contacted various new or used racking suppliers. All offered a solution that met their requirements although they all offered a significant quantity of new or used racking. Each supplier was looking to maximize the storage capacity but no one really looked at what they really needed. We started from scratch and researched what they really needed which was to just accommodate the same amount of storage capacity but within one warehouse.

As all the pallets were currently stored on pallet racking we asked the question of why they should buy any new racking at all. Beware it is stating the obvious but racking suppliers ourselves included want to sell new racking salesman are targeted based on racking sales. We are different and do not incentivise our staff based on sales volume and we encourage our staff to come up with the right solution because then the customer will come back again.

Using this philosophy we thought that if they could not fit it into the new warehouse then obviously this warehouse was not big enough no matter how much new racking they bought. Initially, it was thought that the only solution was a Bendi or Flexi truck. The time scale was short so after having an initial discussion on the phone a meeting the next day was set up. Further meetings were held every day for about a week. It became apparent that the solution was simple yet would be difficult to execute. Over the two sites, it became apparent that there was enough racking but that the maximum height of the building was not being used to its maximum.

After checking the racking manufacturers technical data it was suggested that it would be possible to add to the height of the uprights. Other suggestions included switching the racking through 90 degrees and moving a two-tier structure. This had the desired effect and work commenced the following week and the cost was about half the original best solution.

Pallet Racking

Satisfied customers throughout the UK

We are able to fulfil used racking requirements throughout the UK.  Our customers include:

In fact, you name a town or county in the UK and we have probably supplied used racking. We have even supplied used racking to Romania. But closer to home we can supply used racking to London, Southampton, Portsmouth, Reading, Swindon, Northampton, Bristol, South Wales including Cardiff and Swansea. In the Midlands, we have numerous installations in both the East and West Midlands including Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.

In our home county of Yorkshire and our near friends in Lancashire, we have supplied used racking and used shelving of all types. These include installations of used racking in Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Manchester, Liverpool, Burnley, Bury and Rochdale. Further north in the northeast we are proud to have supplied many companies in Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Newcastle. Quite surprisingly perhaps we have had some success in Aberdeen, Glasgow Edinburgh and across the central belt.

In fact, we are proud to supply our high quality used racking anywhere in the UK.

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