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What does used racking mean?

The term used racking is often used to refer to second-hand racking. Obviously, used racking does what it says on the tin (i.e. it has been used before). But behind the title of used racking, there is a multitude of possible uses that the racking could have been put to.

However, the purpose of racking is that it gets used and within days of being supplied as new pallet racking it is suddenly used. So used pallet racking could be anything from a few days old to many years old so how can the buyer be sure that the racking being offered is suitable and of a condition fit for your needs?

How to verify the quality of the used racking?

There are numerous steps that you can take to verify the quality of the used racking that is being offered but more importantly there are certain warning signs that you should look for from your supplier:

  • Are any photos available for it?
  • Can the supplier tell you where the racking was used before?
  • Who is the manufacturer of the racking?
  • Is the supplier prepared to put load signs on the racking?

Here are some types of used racking:

  • Link51 used racking
  • Dexion speedlock used racking
  • Torri used racking
  • Apex used racking
  • Dexion P90 used racking
  • Storax used racking
  • Sperrin used racking
  • Mecalux used racking
  • Esmena used racking
  • Nova used racking
  • Redirack used racking
  • Finspa used racking
  • HiLo Rack plan used racking
  • HiLo Premier Rack used racking
  • PSS (Planned Storage) used racking
  • Feralco used racking
  • Metalsistems used racking
  • Armes used racking
  • Electrolux used racking

Not sure what racking type you have or need?

If you are not sure what racking type you have please see our gallery containing all the racking types available on the market.

Alternatively, you can give us a call at 0845 519 1695 and we will do our best to help you.

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