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Racking Rental

A flexible, cost effective solution to help you meet your storage needs.

second-hand pallet racking, stocked with inventory

Why buy when you can rent your warehouse racking for a lower cost?

If you need additional storage space in your warehouse for a specific project, seasonal inventory, or need to accommodate fluctuations in storage without the long-term commitment and investment then our pallet racking rental option could be for you.

We can supply a wide range of pallet racking and shelving systems on a rental basis to suit your businesses requirements. With flexible rental periods available, our experts team will design and plan the perfect storage solution for your business. When the rental period has ended, we will simply dismantle and pick up the racking.

Why rent pallet racking?

Traditionally warehouse racking is either purchased outright or is financed through a finance company.

We now offer a third solution which is racking rental. This option offers various advantages.

  1. Because we are racking experts, we can value the residual value of the racking higher than a finance company would do thus reducing your monthly payments.
  2. Rental agreements come with a health and safety package and maintenance package which gives you peace of mind that your racking meets the necessary health and safety requirements.
  3. Renting includes installation from our professional team of installers, ensuring that the racking is correctly and safely set up in your warehouse.
  4. At the end of the rental period, you can choose to extend the rental period if you still require the racking, buy the racking or request secondahandracking.com to dismantle your racking and take it away
  5. Renting can provide a rapid solution to your storage needs. You can have the racking installed quickly, potentially reducing downtime and allowing you to start utilising the space sooner.

Our large stock holding at our warehouse means we can offer quick delivery.

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So, how does this work?

Step 01.

We will work closely with you to discuss your racking requirements, this may include a site visit so we can plan the most suitable racking options to utilise your space.

Step 02.

We will then provide a quotation to supply, deliver and install your racking.

Step 03.

For rental periods of a over one year you will typically pay a deposit of 10-25% upfront.

Step 04.

You will be given a residual value of your right to buy price after the rental period which is typically 20-30%.

Step 05.

You then divide the balance over 12 months. Extended periods are available.

Step 06.

Our maintenance and health & safety package will be added to the monthly price and spread over the length of the contract period.

Step 07.

After the contract ends you can either continue renting, buy the racking or simply let us come and collect it.

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Racking Services

Used Racking

We supply, deliver and install second hand / used racking & shelving at competitive prices.


We buy used racking

We are constantly looking to replenish our stocks and will pay good money for your used pallet racking.


New Racking

We not only offer used racking but also frequently recommend and sell new racking.

Pallet Racking

Racking Rental

Because having large sums of capital in warehouse racking does not always make sense.


Useful Racking Tools


The online racking design tool allows you to plan how much racking you can get within a defined space.

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Send us the quotation of your preferred supplier we will check that the quote meets your requirements.

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Take a look at our guide which should help you to identify the storage system that you’re operating in your warehouse.

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There are many types of pallet racking and selecting the right one can be integral in maximizing space, safety and efficiency.

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