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Protect-It™ XL Rack Guard

Protect-It™XL Rack Guards are large format upright protectors that improve warehouse safety and reduce rack damage caused by forklift trucks, and other vehicles.


Reduce downtime and save money with Protect-It™XL Rack Guards

Warehouse pallet racking damage is a major occupational health and safety issue. Racking systems are not designed to be struck by fork-lifts. Low speed collisions can lead to structural damage that is not only costly to repair but also places workers at risk.

The Protect-It™XL Rack Guard sits neatly around the racking upright. Should pallets or fork lift trucks hit the racking protection the protect it is designed to bend an absorb the impact a bit like a car bumper does.


Protect-It XL rack guards provide innovative and effective protection from light and heavy impacts. Protect-It’s are simple and fast to install and performs in a range of environments.

  • Overall Height: 500mm
  • Fits uprights with widths to 90mm
  • Easy to fit – no fixing or tools required
  • Easy to remove for rack inspections
  • Passes both front/side impact tests to conform to FEM 10.2.02
  • Fits most pallet racking makes

Condition: NEW
Delivery Lead Time: 3-5 days
£24.95* + VAT 

*Free delivery for orders over £250. Contact us on online via chat to discuss your requirements.

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Protect-It™ XL Rack Guard FAQ'S

How does Protect-It compare to metal column guards?
Metal column guards are normally bolted into a concrete floor. When damaging impact occurs, the concrete floor is damaged making replacement a costly labour exercise. With Protect-it there is virtually no labour cost to install or replace. Other metal guards bolt into columns and offer virtually no impact absorption (front or side)

How does Protect-It compare to plastic column guards?
Protect-it guards are injection moulded, therefore they use much tougher plastics that perform well in a range of environments including cold stores to -40degrees. The unique patented modular design is easier to install and replace. Protect-it rack guards require no additional straps or ties to achieve secure installation.

How easy is it to perform safety inspections when Protect-it is installed?
Protect-it takes just seconds to remove and re-install, allowing safety inspections to conduct fast and effective visual inspections.

Will Protect-it be compatible with my racking system?
Protect-It’s fits most rack systems including Dexion, Link 51, Schaefer, Constructor, Stow, Torri, Universal, Interlake, Jungheinrich, Mecalux Steel King,Unarco and generic sizes such as 3×3″, 3×2″ and 3×1-5/8″. However if your product it not listed, please contact u and we’ll endeavour to meet your requirements.

Is plastic strong enough?
Yes! Protect-it’s are manufactured from a special grade of ultra high impact polyethylene (HDE). They have established a reputation throughout the world for exceptional performance in a wide range of extreme environments.

How regularly should Protect-It XL rack guards be replaced?
Protect-It XL rack guards are designed to distort to absorb impact energy. In light to medium impacts Protect-It XL guards will return to its original state once the load is removed and will not need to be replaced. Under higher impacts, Protect-It rack guards will distort more to absorb the impact energy and will likely sustain irreversible distortion. In this case the Protect-It rack guard will need to be replaced. We recommend regular inspections and immediate replacement of damaged units.

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