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Protect-It™ Stackable Racking Protection

Protect-It™ Stackable racking protection devices are a innovation offering exceptional performance in pallet racking protection.


Reduce downtime and save money with our Protect-It™ stackable racking protection

Warehouse pallet racking damage is a major occupational health and safety issue. Racking systems are not designed to be struck by fork-lifts. Low speed collisions can lead to structural damage that is not only costly to repair but also places workers at risk. Read more about the importance of installing racking protection in our blog

The Protect-it racking protectors fit neatly around the racking upright. Should pallets or fork lift trucks hit the racking protection the protect it is designed to bend an absorb the impact a bit like a car bumper does.

Key Features

Protect-it Stackable pallet rack guards (upright protectors) provide innovative and effective protection from light and heavy impacts. Protect-it’s are simple and fast to install and performs in a range of environments.

  • Passes both front/side impact tests to conform to EN 15512-2009 and FEM 10.2.10
  • Deflects in the same way as a car bumper to absorb impacts
  • Easy to fit by hand – no tools required
  • Easy to remove for rack inspections
  • Effective in cold stores as low as -40°C.
  • Sold in over 70 countries throughout the world

Reduce downtime and save money with Protect-It™ Stackable Racking Protection. Our innovative solution provides effective protection from both light and heavy impacts, performing well in various environments


Delivery Lead Time: 3-5 days

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Protect It XL

The Protect-It™XL Rack Guard

Protect-It XL rack guards provide innovative and effective protection from light and heavy impacts. Protect-It’s are simple and fast to install and performs in a range of environments.

Protect-It™ Stackable FAQ'S

How does Protect-It compare to metal column guards?
Metal column guards are normally bolted into a concrete floor. When damaging impact occurs, the concrete floor is damaged making replacement a costly labour exercise. With Protect-it there is virtually no labour cost to install or replace. Other metal guards bolt into columns and offer virtually no impact absorption (front or side)

How does Protect-It compare to plastic column guards?
Protect-it guards are injection moulded, therefore they use much tougher plastics that perform well in a range of environments including cold stores to -40degrees. The unique patented modular design is easier to install and replace. Protect-it rack guards require no additional straps or ties to achieve secure installation.

How easy is it to perform safety inspections when Protect-it is installed?
Protect-it takes just seconds to remove and re-install, allowing safety inspections to conduct fast and effective visual inspections.

Will Protect-it be compatible with my racking system?
Protect-it fits most rack systems including Dexion, Link 51, Schaefer,Constructor, Stow, Torri, Universal, Interlake, Jungheinrich, Mecalux Steel King,Unarco and generic sizes such as 3×3″, 3×2″ and 3×1-5/8″. However if your product it not listed, please contact u and we’ll endeavour to meet your requirements.

Is plastic strong enough?
Yes! Protect-it’s are manufactured from a special grade of ultra high impact polyethylene (HDE). They have established a reputation throughout the worldfor exceptional performance in a wide range of extreme environments.

How regularly should Protect-it Stackable rack guards be replaced?
Protect-it Stackable rack guards are designed to distort to absorb impact energy. In light to medium impacts Protect-it Stackable will return to its original state once the load is removed and will not need to be replaced. Under higher impacts, Protect-it Stackable will distort more to absorb the impact energy andwill likely sustain irreversible distortion. In this case the Protect-it Stackable guard will need to be replaced. We recommend regular inspections and immediate replacement of damaged units.

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