Does every pallet racking upright need protection?

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Warehousing and Storage – A guide to health and Safety HSG76 states: Where racking is likely to be struck by lift trucks and other vehicles, it should be protected.  Download Guide

Not only will pallet racking protection ensure the longevity of your racking, it can also help increase employee safety, prevent racks from damage and reduce the risk of the racks collapsing.

They go on to state: “Retrofitting upright protection devices to an existing aisle where they have never been provided can have the effect of reducing the available clearances.” Read full guide 



The new Protect-it range solves this problem. Not only does it surpass the highest European standards for BOTH front and side impacts tested on a standard duty upright it also does not impede the aisle performance in a standard application. The protect-it protrudes less than the standard pallet overhang.

The protect-it comes in 134mm segments that can simply be clipped to your upright as many as you want. We recommend 3 per upright. Contact us to find out more about out rack protection products and services.

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A tenner per upright? Can you afford not to? Don’t take a chance! Fit a protect-it that meets a recognised standard today, we can help.

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