The HSE states about pallet protection:

“Where racking is likely to be struck by lift trucks and other vehicles, it should be protected.”

They go on to state:

“Retrofitting upright protection devices to an existing aisle where they have never been provided can have the effect of reducing the available clearances.”


The new Protect-it range solves this problem. Not only does it surpass the highest European standards for BOTH front and side impacts tested on a standard duty upright it also does not impede the aisle performance in a standard application. The protect-it protrudes less than the standard pallet overhang.

The protect-it comes in 134mm segments that can simply be clipped to your upright as many as you want. We recommend 3 per upright.

Everyone buying pallet racking from ourselves will be able to add rack protection for £10 per upright to a height of 402mm.

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Protect your racking

A tenner per upright? Can you afford not to? Don’t take a chance! Fit a protect-it that meets a recognised standard today, we can help.

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