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We can offer some great deals as we have contacts in some significant shelving users predominantly in the retail sector. We frequently take out shelving from such clients as their needs change and we can then offer great deals on used shelving.

However, we keep large stocks of new shelving to satisfy the requirements of our many retail customers and this means that we buy warehouse shelving very competitively so often buying new can be cheaper. The important thing is value for money and this does not just mean the purchase cost.

The cost per item stored is of particular relevance especially when you are storing regular-sized boxes such as bankers boxes. These are typically 330mm wide x 420mm deep. On the face of it, three of these boxes will fit on a 1000mm wide shelf however a 1000mm wide shelf can mean different things from different manufacturers.

Some systems such as the Torri M25 shelving system or the Link 51 Stormor duo system actually means that most if not all the 1000mm is useable however some systems have a T section at the front and a useable shelf is less than 1000mm.

Furthermore, the adjustability of the shelving is key to optimising the storage capacity. Most shelving systems available today are of a clip in nature and are simple to adjust but the level of adjustability can vary. For example, the Link 51 euro shelving system is adjustable on a 50mm pitch whereas the Link 51 Mono and Duo system are adjustable on a 25mm pitch. This can affect the number of useable shelves that can be installed within a bay of warehouse shelving.

The key is to check before you buy your warehouse shelving.

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