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Shelving Systems

We stock a wide range of high quality second-hand industrial shelving. Whether you have a warehouses to fit out or need storage for an  offices or  stores, you will find every type. We hold stock in most sizes, so the majority of items can be delivered within 5 working days.


Used Shelving Systems

Shelving and pallet racks are essential components of efficient storage space. While large pallet racking systems may be necessary for an industrial warehouse or material handling facility, shelving can be a more cost-effective for lighter inventory.

There are many types of shelving units catering to a variety of merchandise, from small, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) to heavier items.

Although shelving is available in several material options, most industrial units are manufactured using heavy-gauge steel. Heavy-duty commercial shelving units are built to last, often having a lifespan of several decades even in harsh environments. Because shelving can maintain its storage capacity, second-hand units are a popular cost-saving storage approach.

Buy Used Shelving

Secondhandracking.com  provide a wide selection of new and used storage systems. We also stock common types of accessories, helping you create custom shelves for your specific industrial setting.

Our of our most popular industrial units is the long span shelving. Each industrial shelving unit  comes with either chipboard shelved, mesh deck or steel panels, and we can also install additional dividers to help you organise your storage space based on your requirements

We thoroughly inspect and test all equipment, ensuring it meets SEMA standard so you receive your used shelving in good condition at a competitive price.

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Industrial shelving
Industrial Shelving
Shelving Solutions


Shelving comes in various types and for various purposes.

  • Industrial, warehouse or stockroom shelving – robust shelving designed for use with general warehousing stock.
  • Office shelving – the shelving offered for an office environment is still robust but also more aesthetically appealing and with a number of accessories to accommodate items likely to be stored within an office environment such as lateral filing cradles and lever arch files etc.
  • Retail environments – In general, we do not offer the gondola type shelving seen in a retail environment although some of our products are used within cash and carry and DIY type stores.
  • Home use – our products are designed for heavier duty storage than that traditionally used in the home environment, but our shelving can be used to create storage areas in garages/sheds for example.
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We can supply a wide range of new and used high quality industrial shelving systems no matter what size of project

Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving, is a versatile and adjustable storage solution commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, retail spaces, and other environments where items need to be stored efficiently and accessed easily. Longspan shelving is designed to handle medium to heavy loads and offers a balance between the load capacity of pallet racking and the accessibility of traditional shelving. Here are some key features and benefits of longspan shelving:

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Carton Live Shelving

Carton Live Shelving

Carton live shelving, also known as gravity flow shelving or dynamic shelving, is a storage system designed to optimize the picking and restocking processes in warehouses, distribution centers, and other settings where items need to be efficiently retrieved and replenished. This system employs gravity to move items along rollers or tracks, allowing for easy access and continuous flow of goods. Here’s an overview of carton live shelving:

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Multi Tier Shelving

Multi-Tier Shelving

A shelving system that utilises vertical space by creating multiple levels or tiers of shelving within a single storage area. This type of shelving system is designed to maximise storage capacity without the need for additional floor space. Multi-tier shelving is commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, industrial facilities, and retail spaces.

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Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is fitted to mobile bases that can be moved to gain access between them, hence often only one aisle is needed within a block of shelving. This can double the capacity within an area in some circumstances. This is particularly useful within archive stores where access is limited and in retail store rooms where the retailer wants to maximise the store selling space and hence minimise the back of store storage shelving.

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When you buy used  shelving from secondhandracking.com you are guaranteed to be getting a reliable system to the same quality standard as a new shelving system. We only sell well-maintained racking that has been inspected for structural integrity  by our highly trained in-house inspectors. We  only sell used racking from the leading manufacturers which are made with high-quality materials and are in accordance with industry and manufacturing standards.

If you are looking for a cost effective storage solution for your warehouse, please contact us today for a site assessment or quotation.

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