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The HSE state that any pallet racking upright that can be hit by a fork truck should be protected.


Protect your racking

Congratulations as you have visited our website you have obviously realised the potential savings of buying used racking and racking protection. Buying used pallet racking from a reputable source can save you lots of money.

Now having made this prudent decision make sure you take a second more important decision and save even more money. It is a well-known fact that forklift trucks occasionally hit the pallet racking uprights. It is an unfortunate inevitability, as fork truck drivers are after all only human and we all make mistakes.

What we find astounding is shrewd business people making the common-sense view to buy used racking then fail to adequately protect their investment. The HSE state that any pallet racking upright that can be hit by a fork truck should be protected. Every warehouse manager will know that uprights do get hit by fork trucks. So to meet the HSE guidelines every upright should be protected.

Despite this numerous economic studies throughout the world have shown the financial benefit of good rack protection. This is perhaps more prevalent an issue with many second hand purchases. Many used racking systems can often be expensive to buy spare parts for and also difficult to get hold of.

So, common sense says: protect your racking.

Having made the second good financial decision it is important to then choose a protection system that actually does the job. Traditionally most people would use a steel wrap around protector bolted to the floor in front of the upright.

However, this is not the best option as steel is not a good absorber of impacts. If it was, then car bumpers would be made from steel, but in fact, they are made from plastic.

Plastic racking protection is the best absorber of impact.

So now, after deciding to buy plastic racking protection, you still need to choose a model from many that already exist on the market. The decision should be simple: buy any that meets a recognised performance standard for both front and side impacts.

Obviously, as a company that believes in quality, we recommend the Protect-it which meets the highest of all standards.

Great Offer Currently Available – Everyone purchasing pallet racking from our company will be able to add protect it for just £10 per upright.

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