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Pass Logistics, a company specialising in various logistic operations such as national same-day courier services, haulage solutions, warehousing facilities, and rail freight services, sought assistance from in 2020 amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, Pass Logistics had been contracted with distributing face visors and had recently acquired a new distribution centre in Doncaster. This acquisition was aimed at providing a warehouse storage solution capable of accommodating over 3500 pallet locations.

Project Scope

This project came with several hurdles, including the urgency to complete the installation swiftly due to the pressing demand for the distribution of essential protective gear. Additionally, as a startup company at the time of installation, Pass Logistics faced financial constraints, necessitating a cost-effective solution.


In order to mitigate initial capital expenditure, proposed a flexible rental arrangement devoid of upfront expenses, featuring reduced monthly payments. The rental agreements encompassed a comprehensive health and safety, as well as maintenance package, guaranteeing compliance with health & safety standards. A lightly used Apex pallet racking system was specified and as the system was in stock the team at were able to carry out the installation swiftly. Consequently, Pass Logistics could promptly leverage the available space to fulfill customer demands.

The Results

The successful completion of the used pallet racking installation, and the rental option provided Pass Logistics with a cost effective storage solution to meet their operational needs efficiently.

Client's Comment

" provided us with a flexible payment option, allowing us to budget effectively for the racking. As a startup company, this was an excellent choice for us as it enabled us to manage our finances efficiently. At the end of the rental period, we were offered the opportunity to extend the rental or purchase the racking outright. Given our substantial growth and improved financial position, we have opted to buy the racking."

Mark Wildman Supply chain director, Pass Logistics

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