Sweetzy – Unwrapping Success with SecondhandRacking.com

In the confectionery realm, Sweetzy emerged as a sweet sensation in January 2019, founded by the visionary William Godfrey. With an insatiable appetite for success, Sweetzy quickly outgrew its initial 4000 sqft warehouse in Dereham, prompting a move to a colossal 20,000 sqft space in Hethel, Norwich, by early 2020. This strategic relocation solidified Sweetzy's status as one of the largest online pick 'n' mix companies in the UK.

Project Scope

As the demand for their delectable treats continued to surge, Sweetzy faced the challenge of optimizing their warehouse space for seamless production of their pick ‘n’ mix sweet products. In 2021, they turned to SecondhandRacking.com to devise a storage solution that would make their operations more efficient.


SecondhandRacking.com rose to the occasion, providing a tailored solution featuring high-quality, lightly used adjustable pallet racking systems. These were configured with various bay profiles to accommodate pallets, while heavy-duty longspan shelving was strategically placed for picking locations. To uphold stringent health and safety standards, Protect It rack protection columns were installed on pallet racking uprights, along with end-of-row barriers for added safety.

Fast forward to 2024, Sweetzy found themselves in need of additional storage space. Naturally, they turned to their trusted partner, SecondhandRacking.com, for an innovative solution. After a thorough site visit to understand the evolving requirements, the experienced team at SecondhandRacking.com seamlessly extended the existing racking and shelving with units from the same manufacturer. To enhance safety measures, anti-collapse mesh decking was fitted to the rear of the racking, preventing goods from falling and mitigating the risk of injury and stock damage.

Client's Comment

"SecondhandRacking.com has been our 'go-to' supplier for warehouse storage, supporting our continuous expansion. They consistently go above and beyond, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation. Their flexibility even allowed us to schedule the installation over the weekend, minimizing disruption to our operations."The Sweetzy-SecondhandRacking.com collaboration stands as a testament to the power of innovation and strategic partnership. Through a journey of growth, challenges, and solutions, Sweetzy continues to delight sweet enthusiasts across the UK, while SecondhandRacking.com remains the sweet spot for their warehousing needs.

William Godfrey, Company Director at Sweetzy

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