Medequip, a prominent service and equipment provider in the Health and Social Care sector, offers a diverse range of equipment and support services to homes throughout the UK.

Project Scope

In response to its expanding operations, Medequip required the installation of new storage systems in two recently acquired warehouses: a 20,000 sq ft facility in Telford and a 30,000 sq ft facility in Bedford. Having previously engaged for the supply and installation of pallet racking in other locations, Medequip returned to leverage their expertise in designing and implementing cost-effective and efficient storage systems for the new sites. The objective was to maximise space utilisation for storing products on pallets and provide lower-level storage for picking locations.


For both warehouse locations, proposed a solution involving high-quality, lightly used adjustable pallet racking systems, configured with various bay profiles to accommodate pallets and picking locations. This system provided a total of 2,037 pallet locations across the two sites. Additionally, new heavy-duty longspan shelving was installed to create lower-level picking locations.

In Bedford, the specific requirement was for 1,500 pallet locations with lower-level picking locations. The solution involved the installation of 5.5-meter-tall pallet racking with timber decks, designed to store products on UK pallets with a maximum load of 2,000 kgs. The racking configuration included both double runs and single runs to optimise floor space usage. Furthermore, heavy-duty longspan shelving was integrated to serve as additional picking locations.

For Telford, a slightly smaller site they required 537 pallet location and 24 pick locations therefore the specification was designed to accommodate this, with the installation of 73 bays of pallet racking.

To ensure the longevity of the racking and compliance with health and safety standards, Protect-XL rack protection guards were installed at both locations to the pallet racking uprights, and end of row barriers to the exposed ends.

Client's Comment

"I am responsible for implementing new depots for Medequip. Over the past year, I have worked closely with Second Hand Racking's sister company, Stamina Storage Solutions, to install racking at four new locations. I cannot recommend them enough; their pricing is competitive, but the real difference is the exceptional customer service. The team invests time to understand our business operations and ensures that the racking specifications align with our needs. They are responsive to feedback, revisiting plans when necessary. Meeting tight deadlines has never been an issue, and they consistently deliver on time. The installation team is thorough, quick, and accommodating, making small adjustments on-site. is only satisfied when the customer is happy."

Richard McClean, Business Improvement, Medequip,

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