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Second-Hand Racking for Warehouses and Commercial businesses in Leeds

We provide high-quality, checked and certified second-hand pallet racking and shelving to warehouse and commercial businesses in Leeds. No matter what size of project, we can find the perfect budget friendly racking and storage systems to meet your requirements.


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Benefits of choosing second-hand racking for your business

Whether you’re a small business just getting off the ground or you are looking to reduce your warehouse operating costs. Used or second-hand pallet racking or shelving is an excellent cost-effective solution that can help you meet your storage requirements without the high costs of new.

This can be especially advantageous for business with budget constraints or those looking to reduce their initial investment costs. In addition, rather than opting for a lower quality racking system in order to stick within your budget, you could enjoy all the benefits of a high-quality storage system from popular brands like Link51, Nova, Dexion, Torri.

Brand new pallet racking systems can be quite costly, but luckily this isn’t the only option for your warehousing storage needs. Our high-quality used industrial shelving and pallet racking is a cost effective option and by working with a renowned supplier, like secondhandracking.com you can get safe, well-maintained, high-weight capacity used pallet racking systems that meets your storage needs whatever industry, and no matter what size of project. There are many benefits of buying used racking for your business.

Check out our full service offering on our racking services page. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to call us use the contact us form, and we will call you back. 

Why so many clients in Leeds choose us for their racking and storage requirements

  • Comprehensive Safety Inspections One of the main benefits of purchasing a used pallet racking from secondhandracking.com is that all the racking goes through effective racking safety inspections by highly experienced members of our team to guarantee the quality and functionality of the used pallet racking systems, and ensuring is it safe to use following the guidance set out by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE). In addition, when you purchase used racking from secondhandracking.com we offer a free site survey and design service to help plan layout of your warehouse or storage space to ensure that the pallet rack storage system will suit your requirements.
  • Availability We stock plenty of used pallet racking in our warehouse from many well-known brands, which is generally sourced from business that are downsizing, relocating. This means we can find you suitable racking options quickly and potentially avoid long lead times.
  • Sustainability Opting for second hand racking is a more sustainably option to buying new racking and shelving. By reusing materials, you help reduce waste and conserve resources. It’s a more environmentally friendly choice compared to buying new racking, which requires additional manufacturing processes and raw materials.
  • Increased Profitability for your business Used racking can the fraction of the cost of new. By reducing your spend on pallet racking, you can save more money and allocate costs towards other area of the business. Plus, installing a pallet racking system will allows you more space to organise your inventory, improve productivity and efficiency level.

Brands we supply:

  • Link51 used racking
  • Dexion speedlock used racking
  • Torri used racking
  • Apex used racking
  • Dexion P90 used racking
  • Storax used racking
  • Sperrin used racking
  • Mecalux used racking
  • Esmena used racking
  • Nova used racking
  • Redirack used racking
  • Finspa used racking
  • HiLo Rack plan used racking
  • HiLo Premier Rack used racking
  • PSS (Planned Storage) used racking
  • Feralco used racking
  • Metalsistems used racking
  • Armes used racking
  • Electrolux used racking

Not sure what racking type you have or need?

If you are not sure what racking type you have please see our gallery containing all the racking types available on the market.

Alternatively, you can give us a call at 0113 253 3304 and we will do our best to help you.

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When you buy used pallet racking and shelving from secondhandracking.com you are guaranteed to be getting a reliable system to the same quality standard as a new pallet racking system. We only sell well-maintained racking that has been inspected for structural integrity  by our highly trained in-house inspectors. We  only sell used racking from the leading manufacturers which are made with high-quality materials and are in accordance with industry and manufacturing standards.

If you are looking for a cost effective storage solution for your warehouse, please contact us today for a site assessment or quotation.

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