Protect-It Warehouse Racking Protection

Protect-it column protection devices are a innovation offering exceptional performance in pallet racking protection. Warehouse pallet racking damage is a major occupational health and safety issue. Racking systems are not designed to be struck by fork-lifts. Low speed collisions can lead to structural damage that is not only costly to repair but also places workers at risk.

The protect racking protections system fits neatly around the racking upright. Should pallets or fork lift trucks hit the racking protection the protect it is designed to bend an absorb the impact a bit like a car bumper does

Low purchase and installation costs.
Securely grips the column with no separate fasteners.
Install as many or as few as required.
Effective in cold stores as low as -40 degrees.
Passes frontal impact tests from Australian Standard AS4084 and European Code FEM 10.2.02

3-5 Day Delivery 

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*Price based on 268mm protection height, and upright up to 90mm width.