Can bolts be used instead of beam locking pins

SEMA ‘s general advise is that beams should not be bolted into place.
The locking pin is designed to withstand a certain force but then to give way thus stopping the whole rack from collapsing. However, manufacturers will recommend sometimes that bolts are used to fix in the beam. Such instances are varied but maybe the top beams of a Drive-In racking installation, the beams in a single beam level bay or the front beam in a pallet live installation. Therefore, the manufacturer’s guidance should be followed.

What is the difference between bolts and racking locking pins?

Locking pins are put into the beams to lock them into place.

Bolts are used to fix the racking to the floor or to secure the beams to the uprights. All uprights should be bolted to the floor as per the manufacturers instructions.

Still not sure if you need to secure your racking beams by fitting locking pins?

We’ve explained the whole process in this article.

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